Applying for a VR Certificate and Renewals

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Applying for a Vacation Rental Registration Certificate

To obtain a vacation rental OR homeshareing registration certificate you must take the following steps.  Application forms are available below.

  1. Submit a completed Vacation Rental Application or a Homeshare Application.
  2. If your property has 5 or more bedrooms, you must complete the Estate Home Application Addendum in addition to the Vacation Rental Application. 
  3. Submit a Transient Occupancy Tax Permit Application.
  4. Provide a completed Vacation Rental Property Pool Compliance Statement (see form on this website for you to have a licensed electrician complete).
  5. If your property is located within an HOA, a letter from the Management Company or Board of the Directors of the HOA is required stating that you are not violating any HOA governing documents by operating as a short term Vacation Rental in the City of Palm Springs (28 consecutive days or less).
  6. Provide a copy of your government issued ID.
  7. Provide payment for all applicable application/permit fees (see below on applications).
  8. Once the application is completed and received by the Vacation Rental Compliance Department, you may not advertise or rent the property as a short term Vacation Rental until you have received written authorization from the Vacation Rental Compliance Department to proceed.  Typical processing time is 45 days.  
  9. For all Certificate renewals, beginning January 1, 2018, you must complete the Vacation Rental Registration Certificate Application.  Please plan accordingly and submit your Application at least 45 days prior to the expiration date of  your current Certificate.

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Vacation Rental Registration Certificate Forms: